Off The Shelf - Documentation v.1.1.0

Thank you for purchasing this theme. Should you have any questions that are beyond this help file, please feel free to contact us:

Please be aware the we do not provide customer support through the comments section on themeforest and will redirect all questions to our support team. This is to ensure a consistent customer service experience as only through our helpdesk we can track your request and make sure that it is dealt with in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding.

Table of Contents

  1. Colors & Styling
  2. Fonts and Typography
  3. Images
  4. Videos
  5. Configuration Interface
  6. Contact Form
  7. Newsletter Sign-up Form
  8. Support Policy
  9. Credits

Colors & Styling

The main stylesheet is located in the css/ folder, and a copy, that we recommend you edit instead of the original if you use the configuration interface to apply changes, is located in the config/product/css/ folder.

OffTheShelf ships with a variety of colours, backgrounds and textures as presets. You can use the configuration interface to select a preset (or design your own).

Please keep in mind that changes to the original style.css file will be overwritten by the configuration interface whenever you save your settings. To avoid this, make all your changes to config/product/css/style.css.php instead, as those changes will be preserved. You may also choose to create an additional file, like custom.css, and include this file in your template in addition to style.css.

Fonts and Typography

OffTheShelf uses Google Web Fonts. To change titles, just change the link located within "index.html" marked "',700,300,600|Bree+Serif" and open "styles.css" to change the headings located under 3.1 Fonts.



Configuration Interface

To make changes easy, OffTheShelf ships with a PHP-based web interface to change styling options and to set up the contact form.

To set up the configuration interface, simply up the config/ folder to your web server and launch the interface by opening in your browser.

If your files are not writable by the web server, make sure you make /site.settings.php and /css/style.css writable by the web server prior to saving your changes. The interface will alert you if your permissions need to be changed.

Please make sure that once your site is set up and no further changes are necessary, to check the "Lock interface to prevent access" option to prevent unauthorized access to the configuration panel, and save your settings.

You may decide not to use the configuration interface at all, in that case simply leave out the config/ folder when uploading the files to your web server.

Contact Form

Setting the recipient address

OffTheShelf includes a simple form mailer script to provide you with an instant contact form. It ships with the theme package as "contact.php" and the only requirement is a PHP5-capable web server. We recommend PHP 5.1.0 or higher.

You can set up the recipient email address through the configuration interface. Simply enter a valid email address under section "Form Mailer - Set up the contact form", and save your settings.

Alternatively, you can edit /site.settings.php and change the recipient address manually. By default, this points to

How to make any link open the contact form

By default the contact form is linked to the envelope icon in the floating sidebar. You can, however, turn any link into one that opens the contact form modal window. To do this, please just add class="feedback" to any link, and change the anchor target to "#" or "javascript:void();". Please contact if you require further assistance.

Newsletter Sign-up Form

We provide you with an empty form to integrate your mailing list/email marketing provider.

Unfortunately, since this is a plain HTML template, we cannot automate the process of customization for the sign-up form through our configuration interface. But we are still there to help!

In order to make the form work, you will have to modify the existing markup, specifically the form fields' names, and the action target. We provide assistance for setting up the sign-up form with Mailchimp and AWeber, the most popular providers. We may be able to assist you in setting up the form with other providers as well. For assistance, please get in touch with

Support Policy

Contact Support

If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. Whether you have discovered a problem or need help customizing our product to fit your needs, we are always happy to help out and point you into the right direction. Simply send an email to

In order to be able to provide you with the best possible service, we do not offer customer support through the comments section on themeforest and we will direct you to contact should you seek assistance there. This ensures that no support tickets are forgotten and that all members of the support staff are aware of your issue, resulting in the fastest and best possible service.

We may occasionally ask you to provide your license certificate on themeforest to verify your purchase.

Account Details

If necessary to help you solve a problem we may request that you email us your login details and/or provide us with your hosting account details as well in order to identify problems that are related to your web server environment. Please accept that without those details, we may not be able to help you in some cases.

Extend of our Support

We generally only provide support for our own product. While we will usually make attempts to assist you with other issues as well, we will likely have to decline support if the issue exceeds the scope of our knowledge and experience.

Please accept that we generally do not provide support for other third party products except in cases where addressing an issue takes only little time. We recommend that you contact support and ask if you are unsure whether a particular case is covered by our support policy.


Most customization requests we receive do not require much time, and we are happy to assist whenever that is the case. If, however, your request would result in more work, we will have to restrict our support to giving you basic guidance, or offer you our paid customizations services.


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